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Ma Durga in Navratri

Republished from my article in the New Indian Express on Sunday 20th October 2020

When Rishi Markandeya sat up in the valleys of Yamunotri composing the Puranas named after him, little did he realize that his epic representation of Chandi or Ma Durga would thousands of years later become one of the best handbooks for rewiring our brains and boosting positive psychology. You could say he was one of India’s first and greatest neuroscientist-psychologists.

In the Devi Mahatmya or Chandi Path, derived from chapters 81–93 in the Markandeya Purana, the scientist-sage describes an epic battle over nine nights when the supreme mother Adi Shakti or Parvati has to descend to the mortal dimension as Chandi or Durga to vanquish nine Asuric or dark demonic forces that hold humanity back from harmony and dharma. …


Raja Choudhury

Observations from the edge of disruptive + conscious creativity, innovation, design and filmmaking. Exploring deep meditation. Just trying to follow my Bliss.

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